Web Browser

Web Browser

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Apr 10, 2023 8:51 PM
  • The web browser asset is a powerful embedded browser that you can interact with directly in Frame
  • You can only have one in your Frame at once (this may change in the future)
  • It supports spatial audio, so you can use it to watch youtube videos with others
  • When you create the web browser on desktop mode, you have the option to set it in “kiosk mode”, which means the URL bar part of the browser is hidden
  • By default, only admins can interact with the web browser, but you can change the permission settings on it in Edit Mode
  • The web browser only activates if a user is close to the Web Browser, but if you are on a paid plan then the browser will activate no matter how far away you are
  • When everyone in the Frame has left, after about 15 minutes the browser session will expire and all browsing history/data/cookies purged
You should be sensitive about authenticating to services using the Web Browser. Depending on how you set up access, other people could use the browser to try to trace any credentials you have logged in with. Note that other people who are in the Frame when you log in to something will be able to see everything on the screen.