Tips for hosting classes in Frame

Tips for hosting classes in Frame

Apr 10, 2023 10:53 AM

Recommended environments

Recommended Use
Morey Hall
Closed class space with a office hours room and and open outdoors for 360 views
Open teaching space, an admin block, and showcase rooms for reference content
Large environment with teaching space, collaboration area, faculty rooms, and — student rooms.
Floating Hall
Simple theatre classroom with visible outdoors.

Auto seat

  • Every student gets a “Seat” option where they can sit in a seat closest to their avatar. As creator, you can also automatically seat everyone as they connect to the Frame using this setting:


  • Give your students “Interaction” permissions whenever they need to share their screens .
  • Give your students “Editing” permissions when they need to add content/their assignments to the Frame. Giving Editing permission also means they
  • “Non Admins can only edit assets they upload” setting lets students (non-admins) edit only content they add.

Streaming screen tips

  • Give your educators interaction permissions so only they can share the screen. When required, change interaction permission to anyone so students can share too.
  • Sharing YouTube videos via Chrome Tab will give you the option to share system audio as well.
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Breakout Rooms

  • Use Private Voice Zones to create different areas/rooms where students can do group work. The zone will keep the mic audio confined.
  • You can also create spawn spots in these zones so students can directly go to their rooms using the Go-To menu or a linked asset.