Tips for events in Frame

Tips for events in Frame

Apr 10, 2023 3:17 AM

Recommended environments

Recommended Use
Outdoor Theater
Simple presentations
Large presentations and conferences
Event Horizon
Immersive experiences with autoseat
Casual events, multiple collaboration areas
Convention Center
Trade shows, exhibitions

Auto seat

-Every user gets a “Seat” option where they can sit in a seat closest to their avatar. As creator, you can also automatically seat everyone as they connect to the Frame using this setting:


  • Use the Lights enabled option to mimic a “lights out/on on stage aesthetic” for performances.

Streaming screen

  • Give your speakers interaction permissions so only they can share the screen.
  • Webcam — Use the webcam to stream the speakers video. You can also use the Green Screen feature to create a

Breakout Rooms

Use Private Voice Zones + Spawn Spots + Go-To Menu to create a breakout room setup.

Engaging Ideas

You can use Frame features to create interactive experiences for your users:

  • Use Whiteboard for Pictionary: Divide participants into teams and allow them to take turns drawing on the whiteboard while their team members guess the word or phrase being drawn. To make it more challenging, you can set a time limit for each round.
  • Use images to host a scavenger hunt: Choose a theme for the scavenger hunt and create a list of items for participants to find in images. For example, if the theme is "nature," you can include images of different types of trees, animals, and flowers. Participants can work individually or in teams to search for and identify the items on the list.
  • Use Web Browser to host a Karaoke event: Create a playlist of popular songs and provide the lyrics on the screen for participants to sing along. To make it more interactive, you can have participants vote for their favorite performances using Polls or offer prizes for the best performances.