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Text Area

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Apr 11, 2023 12:37 AM
  • This blog post gives a good comparison of Text Areas and Text Labels. It also talks about setting them up to display results from a REST API
    • The REST API feature is a powerful way to bring real-time data from external sources into Frame, such as data from IOT sensors, market/weather data, or analytics or metrics for your business
  • Text Areas should be used for longer text blocks - Text Labels are more efficient for small labels and doortags
  • Text Areas are scrollable if the text block is long
  • Those with edit permission will see a small pencil icon above the text area for quick access to changing the text inside of it
  • In Edit Mode, you have a few customization options, such as:
    • font size
    • background color
    • text color
    • font
    • set REST API