Spawn Spots

Spawn Spots

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Apr 11, 2023 12:39 AM
  • Spawn Spots can be added to a Frame with the blue plus button in the toolbar.
  • They are represented with a small purple shape. To see them, you must have Edit Mode on:
  • They can be used as markers that indicate where users will first spawn into when they enter your Frame, or markers that users can teleport to using special links that you set up
  • Click on them in Edit Mode to see a few configuration options

Default Spawn Spot

Typically, Spawn Spots are used to make different links for different locations in their Frame, as described above. Those location links have special hashtags in them. However, you may want to adjust the default spawn spot users spawn into when they use your regular, main Frame url.

You can set one of your Spawn Spots to be your default spawn spot to make this happen. Only one Spawn Spot can have this selected at once.

Lock Position

This is our typical Lock Position property that locks the asset in place, so that even if you are in Edit Mode and you accidentally click and drag it, it won’t go anywhere.

Spawn In Circle

Clicking Spawn Spots in Edit Mode will give you a few key configuration options. You can choose for the user to spawn at a random point in the circle around the spawn spot, or with a predefined, specific angle. While nice to know the specific angle users will spawn in, it will lead to all the avatars spawning at the same point which can lead to odd model visuals. So, in multi-user mode, it is recommended that the setting remain spawn in circle unless you are sure you are okay with the possibility for avatars to spawn right on top of each other.

Have Specific Links for Specific Locations

Users can also use a special spawn spot link to go to any spawn spot in the Frame. It’s just the # sign and the name of the spawn spot at the end of the URL. So if I put a Spawn Spot in my concert hall and named it concert hall, then a user going to would come right into my concert hall.

Use Cases

  • Have a special link that visitors could use to spawn directly into your office, not at the default spawn location for the Frame
  • Send different groups to different areas of the Frame before having all participants come together later in the interaction
  • Using Spot Links, make buttons that teleport users to your Spawn Spots. You can learn more about this in the “Interactivity” section of our knowledge base, or read below:

Make Spot Links With Buttons Users Can Click On

  • Create a few spawn spots in your Frame
  • In edit mode, select an asset like an Image or a TextLabel
  • Find the “add link” checkbox
  • Pick “Spot Link” as the link type (and look at the other cool ones!)
  • Choose one of your Spawn Spots from the dropdown
  • Turn off Edit Mode
  • Click on your asset you just put the link on
  • Relish your new surroundings

Spawn Area

  • coming soon!