• Find the Profile menu in the sidebar that pops out when you click the button at the top right
  • You can use the profile to find or set up your
    • nametag
    • twitter URL
    • linkedIn URL
    • status
    • API key
    • image
  • You can also use it to adjust a few key preferences:
    • whether the arrow and A and D keys rotate your user or move your user side to side
    • what you want to use first person camera mode (looking out of your avatar’s eyes) or third person camera mode (seeing your avatar in the scene)
    • whether your camera resets in the direction of your avatar, or your avatar resets in the direction of your camera (I know I explained this poorly, will try again later)
    • If double click to move is enabled
    • What voice chat language you want, to have more accurate closed captions if a user turns them on
    • What translation language you’d like to set, if you want to have your text chat translated
    • If you are allowing speech-to-text for your audio signal when a user has turned on closed captions
    • Whether you want to share your metaverse location with your Connections so that they can see which Frame you’re in
    • What epxerimental features you want enabled
    • image