People Menu + Connections

People Menu + Connections

  • The people menu is at the top left of the screen
  • You can use it to see how many people are in a Frame and who those people are by hovering over it
  • Admins also have a few superpowers in the People Menu, such as the ability to gather users to you in a group or individually, and the ability to mute everyone all at once or individually
  • You can also use the People menu to connect with people, view your connections, and jump to your connections’ locations (more on Connections below)
  • You can also set your status to be “away” at the top of the People menu, which will make sleepy emojis drift up out of your avatar


  • Connections are the Frame version of a friend request
  • You can find your active Connections and pending Connection requests in the People Menu
  • You can “connect” with someone in the People Menu, which sends them a Connection request
  • If your connection request is accepted, you and your colleague can see each other’s metaverse location
  • You can quickly jump to their location from the people menu, even if it’s in another Frame, without even loading a new web page
  • You can choose to turn off your metaverse location sharing to go incognito for a while
  • In Frame Home, you also
  • Connections in Frame are powered by Immers Space

Our connections feature is powered by Immers Space, an open-source identity layer that you can learn more about here. Beyond being aligned philosophically with our ideas about the metaverse, Immers Space provides sophisticated tooling that we’ll be using to build other powerful features on top of this foundation.

Our hope is that other metaverse providers adopt it too, which would let you jump to a connection even if they were in another service entirely. The metaverse contains multitudes.