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Go To Menu


The metaverse is all about moving between different, but connected destinations. We built the Go To Menu to make it easier to interconnect your Frames and unify them into the same broader metaverse. Y

ou can also link out to other services altogether, or make it easy for users to jump between different spots within your Frame.

  • The Go To Menu at the top left of the screen gives you a convenient way to link your users out to different destinations
  • It also gives you a convenient place to jump to recent Frames you’ve visited or your other Frames
  • Those destinations could be other Frames, spots within your Frame, or other websites altogether
  • For metaverse-as-a-service deployments, you can build destinations that will be seen in any Frame throughout your metaverse
  • To link people out to destinations, an alternative to the Go To Menu is to put links on assets, but the Go To menu is helpful because it’s always in view for users, no matter where they are in the Frame

In this example Go To Menu, I’ve set up two destinations to make it easy for users to always jump to these locations:


The green “add destination” button at the top right of the menu lets you add other destinations.

This is where you can pick what type of link it is (Frame, Spot, or Web):


Once you make your destination, it will show up in a tile. You can click the camera icon on its top right corner to give it a nice thumbnail. You can also edit it with the pencil icon, or delete it with the trash can icon. Only Frame admins or creators will see these buttons:


Note that you can use the hamburger icon at the top left of the menu to get quick access to Frames you’ve recently visited and Frames you’ve created: