Partner Program

Partner Program


If you become a Frame expert and think you know people who might love using it, you can earn some $$ by referring them to Frame. Email us at if you want to be a Frame Partner and tell us why you’re interested!


The #1 driver of traffic to Frame has always been Frame users. We appreciate when our community helps spread the word about our web-based, cross-platform metaverse platform, but now we're launching a Partner Program so that Frame fans can earn $$ if they share Frame with someone else and that person ends up purchasing a subscription.

Note that this is primarily for individuals or small businesses who work with smaller clients and share Frame with colleagues or friends - we have separate partner programs for large resellers who are selling whitelabeled, custom versions of Frame or for those that bring us large "metaverse-as-a-service" deals that involve custom design, hosting, deployments, and development for clients. If you have a possible metaverse-as-a-service client, email us at

Let's get into specifics.



When you become a Frame partner, you'll get a partner link. If someone purchases a plan from your partner link, you'll earn a 40% commission on the sale for the duration of the subscription.

So, if someone uses your link and gets a $200 per month plan, you'll get $80 per month for as long as the subscription is active. Also, the user purchasing from your link gets a 20% discount, so they have a good reason to use your link instead of using the typical Frame checkout process.

For those that are selling lots of subscriptions, we'll be bumping your commission rate even higher in the months ahead.

We are also going to be introducing more substantial pricing plans for businesses, giving you more to sell to clients who want lots of Frames under their organization.



Now. Reach out to us at and let us know why you'd be a good partner for Frame.

We're excited to help the Frame community earn some cash when they share Frame to others. More on this program in the months ahead.

If you're a large reseller that wants to sell your own branded, customized version of Frame - reach out at