Question Queue for Classes or Support Centers

Question Queue for Classes or Support Centers

Apr 12, 2023 5:38 AM

Sometimes you want to raise your hand but don't want to spam the hand emoji. Or you want to get help without bothering everyone around you.

Good news! You can enable the "question queue" feature in your Frame settings.


This will add an "I have a question" button at the top of the screen for everyone.

If someone clicks it, admins will get a notification that someone needs help and they will also hear a little chime sound.

They will also be able to see which users need help and in what order they asked their question - so no more "BUT TEACHER I ASKED FIRST" complaints. We got you covered! Users who have a question will hav a little question mark next to their profile photo in the People Menu.


Also, there's a new "bring user to me" button under a user in the People Menu. Give it a try when you see someone has a question!

This question queue feature works great with the Support Center environment, too.