Admins, Members, and Admin Superpowers

Admins, Members, and Admin Superpowers

Apr 10, 2023 8:22 PM
  • Frame creators can add admins or members to their Frame with their email addresses
  • When someone is invited to be a member or an admin of a Frame, they will get an email
  • The member or admin user must be logged in with the email they were invited with in order to be recognized as a member or admin
  • You can set it in your Frame settings to let admins can invite other admins
  • You can then designate permissions based on your groupings, for example you could make it so only members can edit the Frame. Learn more about permissions here.

Special Admin/Creator Superpowers

Frame creators can add Admins to their Frame to delegate management of the space. Here are certain superpowers that Frame creators and admins have in a Frame:

  • view and modify Frame Settings
  • see the analytics for the Frame
  • edit the Frame’s assets
  • special commands in the text chat ( /broadcast to send everyone a special pop-up)
  • ability to gather all users or individual users to you in the People Menu
  • ability to mute all users or mute individuals users in the People Menu