Frame in Virtual Reality

Frame in Virtual Reality

Apr 12, 2023 5:53 AM

  • Frame works in VR but when we build features they typically come first to desktop, then to mobile, and then to VR
  • Frame is mostly tested on the Meta Quest hardware line
  • Use the Oculus Browser application and navigate to a Frame URL, then use the VR button at the bottom right corner to expand it to VR mode
  • If you need to log in, use the sidebar in 2D flat mode before entering VR mode
  • Frame is not compatible with Google Cardboard
  • Navigate by using your joystick to teleport
  • Access the VR User Interface with a little button that is attached where a wristwatch would be on your left wrist, under where the Quest controller will appear in VR (see video below)
  • Not every feature is available in VR mode - we recommend setting the Frame up and doing complex editing from desktop, but then participating in meetings or events in VR, if you like VR

This video is a little dated but mostly still holds true: