User Audio In Frame

User Audio In Frame

Apr 10, 2023 9:25 PM
  • By default, Frame will ask for microphone access from users when they connect to Frame. You can turn off this default if you wish.
  • Audio is “spatialized” in Frame, which means you will hear people louder if you are closer to them, and hear them quieter as they move farther away. Kind of like in the real world!
  • In VR, the audio is stereo spatialized, so you will hear someone in your right ear if they are standing to your right.
  • You can use the megaphone button in the toolbar to amplify your voice across a large distance so even those far away from you can hear you.
  • Voice Zones in Frame give you the ability to make special areas where private conversations can happen. The megaphone does not cut through a voice zone.
  • If you are an admin, you can mute other users in the People menu, or mute microphones for everyone in Frame settings. You could set it so only admins or members can use their microphones, for example.
  • You can use the m hotkey to mute or unmute your microphone.