Edit Mode, Moving Things Around, and Snap to Surface

Edit Mode, Moving Things Around, and Snap to Surface

Apr 11, 2023 2:01 AM

Edit Mode Basics

  • Edit Mode is the mode you want to be in when you are changing things in your Frame
  • You can toggle Edit Mode with the pencil icon or the M hotkey
  • In Edit Mode, you can select Assets and then see the Edit Menu at the bottom left which will show you properties of the asset you can adjust
  • On flat Assets like images, videos, and streaming screens, you can simply right click on the asset to active Edit Mode and select the asset
  • Sometimes Edit Mode must be disabled in order to do certain things, like use a Streaming Screen, draw on a whiteboard, or double click on the ground to move

Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Assets

To move assets around, you can turn on Edit Mode and then:

  • Click and drag assets - you can also click an asset, hold, and move your avatar to drag them around in space with you
  • With an asset selected, use the arrows that appear at the center of the asset to drag them in a specific axis
  • You can drag the blue cube handles on the corners of the asset to scale it up
  • Drag the circles around the center of the asset to rotate them in various axes

This video is a bit dated but still a good overview of basic asset manipulation:

Snap To Surface

  • Snap to surface is a feature that applies to flat assets like Images, Text labels, Streaming Screens etc. 
  • The tool is very useful to attach the asset to a surface like the walls or floor. 
  • When asset is snapped, the setting switches off automatically. You can then use the gizmos to move the asset around on the same surface. 
  • If you want to add to a new surface, switch the setting on again. Once you are happy with the positioning, lock the asset in place.

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