• The toolbar menu is the menu that appears at the bottom center of the screen
  • This toolbar will have different buttons in it depending on your permission levels in the Frame
  • On mobile, not all of the toolbar options are available
  • This menu does not appear in VR - use the wristwatch UI in VR instead


From left to right:

  • Microphone Button: This mutes or unmutes your microphone. Blue means on, red means muted! Note that you can also use β€œm” to mute or unmute (see hotkeys).
  • Megaphone Button: This turns on the megaphone. Voice chat is usually spatialized in Frame, so you hear people louder if you are closer to them. Turning megaphone on means people will hear you even if they are far away. It does not cut through voice zones, though! More about user audio in Frame.
  • Seat Button: Drops you in the nearest seat, or removes you from a seat you are on. Only works in environments with seats.
  • Avatar Cam Button: Turns your webcam on or off. Your webcam is positioned next to your avatar’s head and moves around with your avatar! You also get a locla preview of your webcam feed in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Camera Mode Button: Changes your camera mode between first person camera (looking out of the eyes of your avatar) and third person camera (looking at the scene with your own avatar in view).
  • Edit Mode Button: The pencil icon turns on or off Edit Mode. Can also be toggled with the β€œu” hotkey. Edit Mode lets you adjust the things you see in your Frame, for example moving things around, selecting assets to modify their properties, and more. See Edit Mode.
  • Add Asset Button: The blue plus button icon lets you add a wide variety of Assets to Frame. For details about each asset type, see the Assets section of the Knowledge Base
  • Scenes Button: This icon lets you change scenes, and it provides a shortcut to open the larger scenes menu. Scenes are different collections of content that you can organize in your Frame. Learn more about scenes.
  • Settings Button The gear icon is a shortcut which will open up the sidebar to your Frame settings, assuming you are an admin on the Frame who can adjust them.
  • Close Captions Button: This button will turn on or off closed captions, which will give you a text transcription of what people are saying. Read more about Closed Captions in Frame here.
  • Emoji Button: The emoji button lets you launch emoji out of your avatar!
  • Close Sphere Button: The globe icon will only appear if a sphere is expanded in your Frame (either 360 photo or 360 video). You can click the icon to collapse the sphere.
  • Basketball Button: This button is only shown if basketball is enabled on the Frame. Clicking it will start up a hoop and a ball that you can use to shoot some simple hoops.
  • Map Button (not shown on screenshot): The Map Button only appears if you have Map set as your environment. Clicking the button will pull up the Map interface, which lets you change the location of the map, change the map style, and many other things. Learn more about maps.