Text Chat + Translation

Text Chat + Translation

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  • The Text Chat button around the top left corner of the Frame
  • In VR it can be accessed from the wrist-watch menu
  • There is a text channel shared by everyone in the Frame, and one shared with your voice zone if you are in a voice zone
  • Frame also supports private 1-1 chats or group chats, use the Private Tab in the text chat to start a private chat. You can only start a private chat with someone in the same Frame as you, but once the chat is started with someone you can send messages no matter what Frame either of you are in
  • If you share links in the text chat, they will be hyperlinked. A link to a Frame will allow for quick teleportation to that Frame


  • You can translate the text chat into one of many languages. Combined with closed captions, this would give you nearly real-time translation and transcription of what people are saying in the Frame
  • For more info on translation and closed captions, see this blog post

Admin Commands

  • Admins of the Frame can use /broadcast before a text message to broadcast a message to the whole Frame in a pop up that everyone sees (see image below)
  • Global admins of a whole metaverse-as-a-service deployment can use /globalAnnouncement to send a message to every Frame in your metaverse at once