Voice Zone

Voice Zone

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Apr 10, 2023 9:12 PM
  • Add Voice Zones using the blue plus button in the toolbar
  • Zones have light blue dashed lines around them
  • People inside a zone won’t hear people outside of it and People outside wont hear what is spoken inside.
  • You can set Streaming Screens so that if they are in a zone, only people inside the zone will see what is on them
  • Some Frame environments have pre-set zones
  • You can add your own zones
  • You can also spawn directly inside of a zone using its unique link
  • Your url will change as you move in and out of zones, showing you their unique link
  • You can invite someone right to your zone by sharing the link in your browser when you are inside a zone
  • Users can lock the zones so no one else can enter them, a locked zone will be red-lined from the outside. Use the lock icon in your toolbar when you are inside a zone to lock it.

This video is a little bit dated but the important parts are still true: