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Apr 10, 2023 9:26 PM
  • Add a Shader with the blue plus button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen
  • Shaders are cool visual effects
  • Shaders are small programs that run on the GPU that can manipulate the pixel fragments or vertices of a mesh (in other words, the color and the shape - see example above)
  • You can use our ready-made, featured Shaders, grab one from the Frame Effect Library, or create your own

Create Your Own Shaders

Create Your Own Shaders

You can create your own Shaders using a powerful, no-code tool - the Babylon Node Material Editor.

You can start by :

  • feeling ambitious and just going right into the NME (Node Material Editor) and learning the heck out of it (this is not recommended)
  • remixing an existing shader and modifying it to see how the Node Material Editor works (this is done in the video above)
  • diving into some YouTube videos where Frame artist Paul Kluka walks us through the setup of some simple but effective shaders. Babylon.js also makes a a fantastic tutorial series on the Node Material Editor. This path is recommended for artists and developers who know or want to know their way around materials and meshes)
  • contributing back to the community by adding a shader or two to the library!