3D Models

3D Models

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Apr 10, 2023 5:25 PM
  • We support the .glb 3d model format
  • Models you upload must be 50MB or less
  • We have an optimizer you can use to try to compress your model if it’s large
  • We support baked animations, baked lighting, pbr, and other workflows
  • You can also use our Sketchfab widget to import models, if you have a Sketchfab account (free)
  • We also provide a small library of our own assets called the Frame Asset Library - you can find it in your inventory
  • You can upload 3D models as individual assets or as the full Frame environment
  • See the Environment Creators section of the knowledge base if you are creating environments

Use the blue plus button in your toolbar to add a 3D model to your Frame. There you will be given a menu where you can upload your own or browse Sketchfab.