360 Photos / Skyboxes

360 Photos / Skyboxes

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Apr 11, 2023 12:37 AM
  • 360 photos can be .png or .jpg files, under 15MB
  • We recommend compressing them with something like squoosh.app before adding them to Frame
  • Here is an article on finding or creating360 photos for use in Frame
  • Images should be equirectangular, which means the width is double the height
  • When you first add a 360 photo or skybox to your Frame, it will show up as a small sphere in the scene
  • With Edit Mode turned off, you can click on a sphere to expand it. You can click on the globe icon in the toolbar or use the “h” hotkey to close the sphere
  • By default, expanding a 360 photo will hide the 3D environment in your Frame. You can choose to keep the 360 environment in view while a sphere is expanded in your Frame Settings. This can create some cool effects, like this one where the environment is combined with your sphere in the background:

The laser pointer is a helpful tool when a sphere is expanded, if you are trying to guide people’s attention to certain areas of it. Press p to toggle the pointer.

Why don’t I see my sphere?

Why can’t I see my sphere