Apr 10, 2023 9:45 PM

There's a new button in the sidebar menu that looks like a little graph. Click it and you'll see the analytics pop-up.



This gives you a graph and also an activity feed.

We’re tracking a few event types at first:

  • connect to the Frame
  • add asset
  • click link
  • respond to poll
  • enter voice zone

You can see who has done these things and what time they did it.

For connections, you can see what website people came from to get to your Frame.

For links clicked, you can see what assets people clicked on.

For poll responses, you get to see how people responded to various polls (but if those polls were anonymous, you won't be able to see who responded!).

We'll be adding more events to our analytics view in the months ahead.

Note that if you're an enterprise, metaverse-as-a-service customer, you get a separate analytics dashboard that reflects all the Frames throughout your domain for a birds-eye view of activity throughout your whole metaverse.