AI Asset Generation

AI Asset Generation

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Apr 19, 2023 10:57 PM


You can generate skyboxes using AI in Frame. You have to be in a paid Frame to use this feature.

What’s a skybox? It’s a spherical image that you can set as the background for your Frame. They can really contribute to the ambience of your Frame, especially if you keep your environment in view when the sphere is expanded.

You can either add skyboxes to your inventory or directly to the Frame you’re on.

Add To Inventory

To add them to your inventory for future use in any Frame, log in to a Frame and open up the Inventory section of the sidebar. Use the ADD TO INVENTORY dropdown and there you will see an AI Skybox button.


You will then see a menu that lets you pick a style and put in a prompt.

The style sets the thematic tone for the skybox, and your prompt gives you a chance to describe what you want to see.


Pick a style, put in a prompt, and click generate. This usually takes 20 or 30 seconds.

I’m going to pick “scenic” style and I’m going to put in “forest golden light” as my prompt.

Once the asset is generated and showing up in your inventory list, you can then add it to your Frame with the green plus button next to it, just like anything else from your Inventory.


When you add the skybox to the Frame, it will first show up as a small sphere.


Make sure Edit Mode is off (the pencil in the toolbar should be red), and click on the sphere to expand it.

Pretty cool!


Many people want to keep their 3D environment in view when the skybox is expanded though, using the skybox for the sky or outdoor area, blending with the 3D environment. There’s a switch in your Frame Settings that lets you keep the environment in view when a sphere is expanded. When I flip that on, my Frame looks like this:


Could be a cool combination, but my environment has clouds in it that are clashing with the vibe from the skybox. Time to tweak my style and prompt and try again!

Add Directly To Frame

To add them directly to a Frame, you can use the blue plus button down in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.


Then click on AI Assets (the blue button above).

Go to the Skybox tab and click the generate button.


Then follow the same steps as you see in the section above, starting right here. it’s all the same but when the generation is done, the skybox will come right into the Frame instead of going to your Inventory.


Click the blue plus button in the toolbar, then the new AI Assets button. Pick the size of the image you want, the number of variations you want, put in your prompt, and click generate. The prompt is where you describe what you want to see.

Here I am asking for three medium size images with the prompt “abstract, yellow futuristic car, photorealistic”.


After clicking the Generate Image button and waiting a few seconds, I got these:


Further Image Variations

Let’s imagine that I really like the one on the left and want to see some other versions of that one.

Then, to make variations of any of the images you get, just select them in Edit Mode and use the Generate Variations dropdown. Once again you can pick size and variation count.


My variations came in, but they came in on top of the other images. Sometimes this is what you want, but in my case I wanted to see the original Images too, so I dragged my new images upward. Here’s what I’ve got now: